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Our exhibition Safari ya Sanaa opens today at the Garborg Centre in Norway. Work from 13 artists from Kenya, Tanzania and Sudan are featured. Travel with us on this visual art safari.

… og stammen min er Kunst

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Dancing Savanna 2019

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Dancing savanna is an experience. A bricolage of the ragged, wild and free coupled with mining dreams, stories and the arts to curate an extra ordinary art event. This event with the community is an invitation to nature lovers, art lovers and adventure lovers. Come see, eat, dance and mingle. Taking place in the heart of the savanna Taita-Taveta, this picturesque landscape unfolds like a picture from God’s own canvas. This natures reserve is the epitome of beauty and tranquility whose peace and serenity will engulf you. This is where the ultimate magic happens, and your heart gets lost to Taita -Taveta where it finds home and hearth. 2 days in July that promise you an experience like non-other.

On Saturday 13th – Sunday14th  July, come and join the community and local artists and from #mytribeisart for an experiences of your lifetime.

Dancing Savanna is an event curated by #MyTribeIsArt and sponsored by ManGo Development.

Our aim is:

  • An event that involves the community and gives them pride in their heritage, place and their landscapes.
  • An event that promotes music and cultural dance which is a big identity for the region.
  • An event that promotes unity, diversity in the region and gives upcoming artists an opportunity to nature talent, work, learn and network.


Mbulia farm. This is a ranch on flat land stretching many kilometers into the rising hills. It is a rugged traditional set up with a very beautiful view of the surrounding Taita Hills. In the evening the beautiful sunset is spectacular, watch the sun disappear into the Kilimanjaro and usher in a beautiful starry night while enjoying a bone fire and a warm cup of Chai.

Dancing Savanna July 2019


  • For this event the décor will be artistic with a display of Graffiti, photography and artefacts to compliment the already beautiful landscape. The pictures and the artwork will be presented and judged during the main event by a special jury and the audience. The winner will receive a prize.

Our target audience is:

  • The surrounding rural community
  • Artists
  • Art enthusiasts and urban dwellers
  • The middle class looking for the ultimate experience.
  • Tourists from the surrounding Tsavo National park who want to mingle with Kenyans for an authentic Kenyan experience.

The main event will feature:

  • Music
  • Children fun games and art classes
  • Artists
  • Traditional dances
  • Dance workshop
  • Barbeque
  • Traditional food from the region and farm fresh organic greens
  • Art display
  • Story telling
  • Tree planting
  • Bone fire
  • Camping space
  • Film
  • Church Sermon closing prayers

On Wednesday 11th July and Thursday 12th July we have a hike up the Mbololo hills and some art residency programs for photography and art. For hike enquiries and more information and bookings send mail to info@mytribeisart.com 

Very limited slots for hike available.

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Safari Ya Sanaa Mombasa 2019

They had never seen the ocean before. With his phone and pair of shoes held above the shoulder high water, they took a dip with all his clothes on. Jara could not wait any longer to taste if the ocean is actually salty. His friends Mutahi and Harrison had to rush in just in case, because he did not know how to swim.Haha “Food id for the weak “(We apologise for the inside joke)

After Voi town in 2018, Safari ya Sanaa was headed full throttle to Mombasa town, rail and road alike. Artists from other parts of the country and one from the neighbouring Tanzania were joining artists in Mombasa to make it happen. The travelling artists had an apartment to stay in together just like the family they already were. The exhibition was opened and artwork beautifully displayed. Oh the beauty! Night fell and the auction was set. Artists put forward their best pieces to the fascination of those who attended. Artists got a chance to interact with the media and take interviews. The next day was kids day and no kidding, they are the best! All the color you can imagine was all over. They received gifts and the looks on their faces, priceless. The next day was an artists interaction day and the last day. Artists got a chance to talk and give suggestions for the next town to conquer. The exhibition was over with sales and connections being made.The coastal accent was picked too. The event had an objective of bringing together artists from across the country and giving them a platform to showcase their talents, make connections and even sell their artwork.

It also seeked to introduce and help the community understand art as a product.The event had a huge impact since there were artists who were exhibiting for the very first time and some, second. Artists also managed to make some sales and financial connections which helps improve they living standards and motivates them to keep working. Its amazing to see people grow in spaces in which they are most passionate. The kids program helped most parents bond with their ever lovely young ones and the kids also got to explore their talents. Some schools managed to bring students for mentorship and some even found subjects for their projects. The venue, which was at Alliance Francaise, became a point of connection between the community in Nyali and the artists. It came about beautifully. A special thank you to the Host Mr Vincent, Alliance Francaise and team, Events Qamili for their help, Shikara Limited for their support , Aryuv Agencies for their incredible prizes for the kids and  finally the Mombasa family for supporting our course.

Till next time “sobs”.

Karen Exhibition March 2019- MyTribeIsArt

The artist, too excited to show the world their very souls. The art lover, too eager to wait. A perfect combination for an exhibition. Safari Ya Sanaa was just a month and half away. Eternity. Out of this, a mini exhibition was born to showcase the artists who would take part in the Nyali Mombasa edition and to give a sneak peak of the pieces to be showcased. The venue was Karen Art Village. The drive there sets the tone for the mind to be blown away by the artwork upon arrival. Road and forest. The exhibition ran for five days. At the same time, artwork for the main exhibition were collected at the same venue. Artists got to meet up for the first time, forming friendships and familiarising with each other before main exhibition. The exhibition ended successfully and the Safari was finally set out for Mombasa. On the background, the huge white fans atop the undulating Ngong hills spin gracefully as if to say goodbye.


Mini Exhibition

Hello artists, art lovers and enthusiasts, this March 1st to 5th, we will be hosting a mini exhibition at Karen Village. Be the first to see our newest art pieces and a preview of what to expect in the main Safari Ya Sanaa exhibition in Mombasa. The opening gala will begin be on 1st as from 5.00 PM at Karen Village. Its  is a suburb 10 km West of Nairobi and is globally recognised as the location of the film and story “Out of Africa” by Karen Blixen. Located along Ngong Road Nairobi , past Karen Shopping Centre.
See you there.

Dancing Savanna 2018

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We branched off the busy Nairobi Mombasa highway and on we drove through the dusty roads to a small paradise up in the Mbulia ranches. From Voi town it is a 45 minutes’ drive to this hidden treasure,a rugged rural farm transformed to “bustani ya sanaa”.The day was kind with moderate sun but windy which was enough anyway. Drums were set around flames to tighten the skin made structures – and I would say warm the sounds
for the day.

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Voi Arts Festival

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Saturday, February 17th, 2018 was the date!
A date that the little beautiful dusty town of Voi and her people will certainly remember. This was the first time an art event was held in the town.

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