Welcome; Karibu

Welcome to #mytribeisart. It is a platform for artists from various media. Visual, digital, sound, textile, crafts, video, performance, decorative art, and sculpture. We also curate art festivals and events that are important avenues for the artists to network and for the community to participate.

Art expresses our feelings, our ambitions, and our message. Art is the language we use to build friendship, foster entrepreneurship, and generate business opportunities. Here we empower, nature talents and skills, and facilitate job creation.

Our mission is to support upcoming artists especially in rural and remote areas through mentoring, promoting, networking, entrepreneurship ventures and creating bridges across cultures and nations. Environmental issues are part of this vision.


We treasure people and celebrate life. Welcome to our space of art. People with shared values, interests, and a wealth of knowledge of our rural landscapes and surroundings.


Our tantalizing landscapes enriched with a variety of flora and fauna are our treasure. The tranquility and serenity in our vast landscapes ignite a magical calmness and harmony. This is our pride.


We have always co-existed with the environment. Circumstances have pushed us to affect the balance. It urgently needs to change for sustainable opportunities for people and the environment.

Happening Today

Dancing Savanna

July 2019


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