Karen Exhibition March 2019- MyTribeIsArt

The artist, too excited to show the world their very souls. The art lover, too eager to wait. A perfect combination for an exhibition. Safari Ya Sanaa was just a month and half away. Eternity. Out of this, a mini exhibition was born to showcase the artists who would take part in the Nyali Mombasa edition and to give a sneak peak of the pieces to be showcased. The venue was Karen Art Village. The drive there sets the tone for the mind to be blown away by the artwork upon arrival. Road and forest. The exhibition ran for five days. At the same time, artwork for the main exhibition were collected at the same venue. Artists got to meet up for the first time, forming friendships and familiarising with each other before main exhibition. The exhibition ended successfully and the Safari was finally set out for Mombasa. On the background, the huge white fans atop the undulating Ngong hills spin gracefully as if to say goodbye.