Dancing Savanna 2018

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We branched off the busy Nairobi Mombasa highway and on we drove through the dusty roads to a small paradise up in the Mbulia ranches. From Voi town it is a 45 minutes’ drive to this hidden treasure,a rugged rural farm transformed to “bustani ya sanaa”.The day was kind with moderate sun but windy which was enough anyway. Drums were set around flames to tighten the skin made structures – and I would say warm the sounds
for the day.

With all members of the community invited we had an estimate of 150 people, all demographics, babies,youth, middle-aged, elderly men and women.
It’s in the Taita people’s culture to have tea made for any visitor, and the home owner had to fulfill that. Having hot tea at midday in the middle of the sunny but windy day was clear evidence we were in Taita land.
The event was called to life by the brave woman, the village elder Mama WA Kijiji. With everyone settled we welcomed the presence of the Almighty God in our midst with praise and prayer. Then, up came-up came the first performance from the traditional dancers with a fusion of the urban music
by the young.

The tempo eventually built up, everything jerking to life from the sounds of the drums and dances. he hills were still watching and smiling in acknowledgement at the beats as the trees swerved (in) rhythm. The wind supplied a cool current in abundance and as if to cheer the people to dance on, and Oh yes, they did.The dogs also enjoyed as they kept guard with the farm goats playfully hopping around not wanting to
miss out. It was a perfect convergence. Everything happening in the right sequence. The show-stopper finally came, and the venue went insane. High beats from the drum mist, so captivating was the Mwazindika that some dancers seemed to be taken over falling to the ground at the
sounds of the intense  beats. It was smoking hot.

Evening came, and a billion stars popped out of the dark sky in a majestic entourage joining the event, and the music couldn’t stop. Fire drums where lit as the winds blew stronger and the hills sent us their cold breath to cool off the day. We gathered in one crowd as slow music came in and eventually we sang bonfire songs as we prepared an outdoor movie night for everyone.

By then the hills were freezing us begging for lyrics and the music was up again to heat up the venue till morning.

Sunday 22 nd July came, and it was time for thanksgiving and worship to the Almighty God as we parted. It was the shortest sweetest experience we all have ever had.

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