Knowell Short Film

Meet Knowell , alias Mwakumanya, a taita word for know it all. Born in 1941 , he is clicking his 77 years now. Born and grew up Taita, later moved to Mombasa and his is aging fine like wine in a hotel as his residential place in Voi.

Between now and then is an incredibly long interesting and informative story wholistically. The said individual was once a causal at Taita Sisal estates, become a tailor , spent his better part of life as certified electrician and a boat boiler engineer. Later after all what life had given him, he tried vieing for a political seat in the 1998 election in his home area with the opposition party then , which he failed terribly, haha, but his objective was met though.All this we got from a recce documentary session I had with him a month ago.#mytribeisart crew is working on a short film documentary for the same. Stay tuned and find out how he rode on a Honda Bike from Mombasa to Nairobi by night and find out his main reason for that ? Guinness was his favorite drink ? Interesting right ? Thats just a drop of what is coming.

What more would you like to know about what happened in the past About the Taita people , join the conversion , lets do this together.