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Safari Ya Sanaa Mombasa 2019

They had never seen the ocean before. With his phone and pair of shoes held above the shoulder high water, they took a dip with all his clothes on. Jara could not wait any longer to taste if the ocean is actually salty. His friends Mutahi and Harrison had to rush in just in case, […]


Karen Exhibition March 2019- MyTribeIsArt

The artist, too excited to show the world their very souls. The art lover, too eager to wait. A perfect combination for an exhibition. Safari Ya Sanaa was just a month and half away. Eternity. Out of this, a mini exhibition was born to showcase the artists who would take part in the Nyali Mombasa […]

Mini Exhibition

Hello artists, art lovers and enthusiasts, this March 1st to 5th, we will be hosting a mini exhibition at Karen Village. Be the first to see our newest art pieces and a preview of what to expect in the main Safari Ya Sanaa exhibition in Mombasa. The opening gala will begin be on 1st as from […]


Knowell Short Film

Meet Knowell , alias Mwakumanya, a taita word for know it all. Born in 1941 , he is clicking his 77 years now. Born and grew up Taita, later moved to Mombasa and his is aging fine like wine in a hotel as his residential place in Voi.


Dancing Savanna 2018

We branched off the busy Nairobi Mombasa highway and on we drove through the dusty roads to a small paradise up in the Mbulia ranches. From Voi town it is a 45 minutes’ drive to this hidden treasure,a rugged rural farm transformed to “bustani ya sanaa”.The day was kind with moderate sun but windy which […]

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Voi Arts Festival

Saturday, February 17th, 2018 was the date! A date that the little beautiful dusty town of Voi and her people will certainly remember. This was the first time an art event was held in the town.