How It Came To Be

#mytribeisart just happened!

It all started in the beautiful county of Taita-Taveta whose hospitable people love music and appreciate arts. Indeed, many of Kenya’s legendary musicians have come from this forest rich hilly region of South Eastern Kenya. Unfortunately, these landscape is changing drastically due to climate change and diminishing forests. This has been especially accelerated by the uncontrolled cutting of indigenous trees for timber and illegal charcoal burning in retrospect that’s opening doors to poverty. We decided it was time to have a conversation. Taita-Taveta being a very beautiful place and artistically disposed provided us a good option to strike a dialogue through art. The scenic nature gave us the canvas we needed for creating a mural trail as our medium for communicating. With the murals we want to display some of the treasures in Taita-Taveta and foster discussions.

Creating the mural trail has begun and parallel to it was organizing an arts festival in Voi. It happened! “The Voi Arts Festival” This live event was well received by the community who volunteered hundreds of hours to organise. It was a good avenue to showcase the plenty of artistic talent and to place a clarion call to stop cutting indigenous trees and forest destruction. That’s how we got connected. The rest is history. #mytribeisart is happening.


Rachel Mwakazi-Skjaerpe & Vilhelm Skjaerpe are both passionate in innovation and matters of community development. They are both art enthusiasts and launched Mytribeisart to network talented artists from Africa with others around the world and to empower especially those from rural and marginalized places. They would like to facilitate and create opportunities for artists to present their work to a broader audience and to also facilitate skills transfer, talent nurturing and job creation. The ultimate aim is to see thriving rural and vulnerable communities involved in development opportunities towards prosperity, dignity and well being away from the dehumanizing scourge of extreme poverty.


Mango Development: Is committed to the wellbeing of people especially in rural communities. Currently they are the main facilitators of #mytribeisart project. 

The Artists 

Have built an accessible avenue for networking, mentoring, teaching, showcasing and selling their artwork and services. 

The Community 

A large group of members of the community have embraced the platform as their own and actively participate in the various activities and events related to mytribeisart. Many participated in the Voi arts festival and a good number of volunteers are helping to prepare other upcoming festivals while being mindful of the community around.